No 1 Clothing store

joraywala is the favorite Clothing store of women in Pakistan. We don’t only earn profit by selling clothes to our esteemed customers but we consider them as our family that’s why we give maximum importance and time to customers, that’s why our customers are not only interested in our clothes for many years. Rather, we are also praised by our acquaintances, due to which joraywala clothing store has earned a prominent name among Pakistani clothing stores in a very short period.

Pakistan Favorite Clothing Store
Pakistan Favorite Clothing Store

Return Policy

Online shopping in Pakistan continues to be a problem due to which a very poor segment who can shop online is nervous. When we got feedback from our customers, the majority said that something is displayed and something else is delivered, or even if the item is, sometimes the size difference becomes a problem, so couples. jorayWala Clothing Store has launched an easy return policy for its customers. Before sending the garments to our customers, we share a picture of the clothes through WhatsApp. After the consent of the customer, the clothes are sent to the customer, which creates a pleasant atmosphere, thus we can provide better service to our customers.

Summer and winter clothes

Being a Popular clothing store, joraywala provides its customers with the best clothing for both winter and summer, keeping in mind the color and season. Pakistan also has relatively warm cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi and beautiful northern areas where the weather is generally cool and pleasant. Keeping this in mind, the couple has made it mandatory for their customers to have such clothes in their catalog that our customers can shop easily depending on their city and season.

Launch of the newsletter

While there are numerous clothing stores in Pakistan, Joraywala has started a newsletter service to keep in touch with our customers, in which we provide timely information about new arrivals, attractive designs, and clothes to our esteemed customers so that whenever our customers want. They can easily plan their shopping they can know the new fashion trends and they can adjust their wardrobe according to the new fashion.

Customer confidence

Earning the trust of our customers is the top priority of Joraywala, for which we do not leave our customers with automated responses, but every query is answered through regular customer service. Special attention is paid to the continuous training of the customer service team to improve the quality of customer service, and in this regard customer feedback is of utmost importance to continuously improve the quality of our service. That’s why joraywala is a famous clothing store in Pakistan.

Social platform

Being an online clothing store, joraywala is present on all social platforms, prominently including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitter. To improve the expression of our customers, along with the picture of the dress, a video of the suit is also made and uploaded on all social media platforms including YouTube so that the customer can easily make up their minds while shopping she should have a good idea of ​​how the suit she is going to look like, whether she should buy this suit or not, sometimes the suit picture is different from the original, which is mainly due to the lighting and color collection. So joraywala clothing store makes it easy for its customers by making open-suit videos.