Shawl for women

Today's modern fashion

From ancient times to today's modern fashion, one thing that has retained its place and gained a prominent place in the new fashion, many of you readers have already guessed that we are talking about the shawl. The shawl is a garment that has been prominent in all cultures for centuries. The special thing about it is that the shawl turns even an ordinary dress into a special dress. Whether you wear it on winter evenings or at a special event, you will stand out. In the evening, both style and comfort are achieved simultaneously.

Before informing you about the different types of shawls, let us tell you that while Pakistan has gained prominence in the fashion industry and introduced innovations, it has also presented shawls in a new way as they are today. Among the new designs that are being introduced in the market are calligraphy design shawl, cultural design shawl and poetry design shawl , which brings you all the latest fashion in one place only.

Different types of shawls

Kashmir Shawl

Kashmiri shawls hold an important place in the world Kashmiri shawls are made from the finest Kashmiri wool, these shawls are famous for their unique designs and intricate patterns.

Pashmina Shawl

This shawl is called pashmina shawl because the wool used in its preparation is taken from the goat whose name is pashmina. These shawls are soft as well as stand out.

A fringed shawl

The style of this shawl is different from the design of other shawls, you can also call it V shape shawl. You will see this use of shawls more in Europe.

Capelet Shawl

It also differs in style from regular shawl designs as it is specially made to cover only the shoulder and neck.

The stoles shawl

The stole is especially used by Muslim women as it is worn with the abaya.

Shawls worn on various occasions

Formal events

Women in winter weddings want to be adorned with the best dress along with the Khusbort Shawl so that they can stand out in the special event.

Casual wear

Shawls are used not only by women but also by mothers in winter evenings to meet with friends and in the Shugal Mela.

Cold weather

The speciality of the shawl is that it provides warmth to your body in cold weather.

Religious occasions

As we told you shawls are used by every culture around the world in their way, which is why it is worn by women, especially in religious ceremonies.

These shawls especially highlight the culture and customs, different nations print their customs on these shawls to show the world about their customs and culture


It would not be wrong to say that there has definitely been a decline in the number of people who wear shawls, but there is still a large number of people who wear and love them in the corner of the world. Now, whenever you wrap yourself in the soft layers of a shawl, remember that you are carrying on a tradition that is thousands of years old and has been adopted and cherished by past generations.

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